[New Magnum with wings, finally take off] This is a plastic model assembly kit for high-performance racers that adopted shaft drive four-wheel drive.Z Wing Magnum is a mini four wheel drive manga "Blow Run Brothers Lets & Go !! Return Racers !! The machine that the “boy” who appears in “The Wing” likes and uses. The large front cowl that attracts an eye-catching eye while retaining the image of the famous car “Magnum” of the full cowl mini 4WD series that became very popular. Of course, red and blue graphic images of magnum can be expressed with metal-like stickers, and 26mm low height tires can be added to the fluorescent green five-spoke wheels that draw the magnum's blood. Set: English Z means "ultimate", All finished with a machine that commitment pulled in. 

[AR chassis] aerodynamic pursuit, of course, maintainability and rigidity, what combines the necessary elements for the four wheel drive mini race such as scalability from AR chassis. Body various parts Smoothly transfer the traveled air, cool the batteries and motors inside the chassis, and prevent power-down due to heat, linking the air intakes of the body and chassis to create a high cooling effect. The point is that it is equipped with plastic bearings to reduce drive loss and to achieve weight reduction.The under panel and diffuser can be easily removed without removing the body.In addition, the rear skid bar is equipped as standard. A low friction resin skid bar makes contact with the road surface when passing a hill course such as the slope section. Touch: Control the attitude of the machine to prevent the course out.With 3.5: 1 super-speed gear 

[2 types of style can be enjoyed]Along the rib base inside the body, if you cut the gray part, you can reproduce the “Wing Magnum” that appears in the manga. It will transform into a sharp form like an F1 machine that features a pointed nose and front wing ※ The example image is using an appendix sticker of Koro Koro Aniki (No. 1) 

[Basic specification] ● Length: 155 mm when completed ● Width: 97 mm ● Height: 43 mm ● With motor ● Assembly without adhesive glue 

[set] Purchase separately] ● 2 AA batteries 

Z Wing Magnum ( AR chassis )