"Mermail" (???????? M?meiru) is an archetype of WATER Aqua, Fish and Sea Serpent monsters, used by Brooke Walker in the past, introduced in the Abyss Rising. These monsters are based on mermaids outfitted with armor, hence "mail". They are intimately related to the "Abyss-" archetype, as they all belong to the archetype. Level 3 "Mermail" monsters are all female Aqua monsters, Level 4 "Mermail" monsters are all male Fish monsters and Level 7 "Mermail" monsters are all Sea Serpent monsters, except for the Aqua "Mermail Abyssbalaen" and "Mermail Abyssteus". Each "Mermail" monster is based on a real life aquatic animal. The original three female "Mermail" monsters released in Abyss Rising, "Mermail Abysslinde", "Mermail Abyssgunde", and "Mermail Abysshilde" have names coming from the Rhinemaidens (Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde) in the German opera Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung) by Richard Wagner. The Level 7 "Mermail" monsters (excluding "Mermail Abyssbalaen)", "Mermail Abyssmegalo", "Mermail Abyssleed" and "Mermail Abyssteus" take inspiration from extinct aquatic species. The Xyz Monsters, "Mermail Abyssgaios" and "Mermail Abysstrite" take inspiration from Ancient Greek deities. Main Deck 1 Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord 1 Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon 1 Mermail Abyssleed 1 Mermail Abyssbalaen 1 Mermail Abyssmegalo 1 Mermail Abyssteus 1 Lappis Dragon 1 Armed Sea Hunter 2 Atlantean Dragoons 1 Mermail Abyssturge 1 Mermail Abysspike 1 Mermail Abyssnose 1 Mermail Abysslung 1 Mermail Abyssmander 1 Legendary Atlantean Tridon 1 Mermail Abysslinde 1 Mermail Abyssgunde 1 Atlantean Marksman 1 Atlantean Attack Squad 1 Mermail Abysshilde 1 Mermail Abyssnerei 1 Deep Sea Minstrel 1 Mermail Abyssocea 1 Mermail Abyssdine 1 Deep Sea Diva 1 Atlantean Heavy Infantry 2 Neptabyss, the Atlantean Prince 1 Attack Gainer 2 Deep Sea Aria 1 Call of the Atlanteans 1 Different Dimension Deepsea Trench 1 Abyss-scale of the Kraken 1 Abyss-scale of Cetus 1 Abyss-scale of the Mizuchi 1 Abyss-squall 1 Drowning Mirror Force 1 Abyss-sphere Extra Deck 1 Ravenous Crocodragon Archethys 2 Mermail Abyssgaios 1 Abyss Dweller 2 Mermail Abysstrite 2 Mermail Abyssalacia

Water ( Mermail ) Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck