[Kit and parts, all-in-one type that set the tool] It is a special specification that made the kit of the Aero Avante and tools such as basic parts and drivers that are indispensable for racing into one set. We have a choice of items for high speed course setting with few corners, including Rebtune 2 motor, super hard tire (black), brake set, side mass damper set, FRP plate (front and rear) and screws and so on. There are few types of spacers, and the content to be assembled with confidence is also attractive.The body of Aero Avante is blue, the AR chassis pursuing aerodynamics is a black color 

[Race reliable AR chassis] The pursuit of aerodynamics, of course, maintainability and rigidity, In the mini 4WD race such as extensibility The AR chassis, which has the necessary elements, smoothly sends the traveling air taken from each part of the body to cool down the batteries and motors inside the chassis to prevent power-down due to heat, and links the air intakes of the body and chassis It also produces high cooling effect, and is equipped with plastic bearings made of low-friction resin to reduce drive loss and achieve weight reduction. 3.5mm Super Speed ​​Gearing 

【Basic Specifications】 ● Length: 157mm ● Width : 104mm ● Height: 46mm ● Motor included ● Adhesive-free, self-assembly 

【 Required separately】 ● 2 AA batteries 

Starter Pack AR Speed ​​(Aero Avante)