[Outstanding attention with distinctive body and white chassis] A plastic model assembly kit for high performance racers that use shaft drive four-wheel drive.The Spin Cobra Premium is a mini 4WD manga "Blow Run Brothers Let's & Go !!" The premium specification of the Sangoku Fujiyoshi machine and spin cobra.The metallic blue body features a large projecting front fender and body side shutter.The front nose and rear wing are separate parts.The metallic sticker with shine is unique it further brings out the form. 

[race is fun super ⅱ adopts the chassis] chassis to enhance the rigidity, super II with increased scalability. the body a parts, such as enhanced. battery holder made of polycarbonate ABS resin in white-collar Is made of silver ABS resin.One lock Yacover is metallic blue, bumpers and rear stays have multiple mounting holes for a wide range of settings, and are designed to be highly competitive in the race scene. Equipped with a carved tire: 4: 1 high speed gear, with motor 

[Basic specs] -Complete length 150mm, Width 97mm, Height 38mm-With motor-Assembly without adhesive glued-no 

separate What you ask for] ● 2 AA batteries 

Spin Cobra Premium ( Super II Chassis )