[The aerodynamic body covering the front and rear tires and high-performance running are attractive] A plastic model assembly kit of a high-performance racer adopting a shaft drive four-wheel drive.Spin Ax featuring a curved style. The front and rear fenders, with their tires filled, make a large overhang to emphasize the strength, and the front bumper, which wraps to the side to cover the front wheels, is made up of three parts and can be removed. Equipped with a full range of features, it is possible to upgrade the performance with a wide range of separately sold upgrade parts.The assembly can be assembled easily with a glue-in, snap-in motorization without wiring 

[Basic specs] ● Total length at the time of completion 132mm ● Width 90mm ● Height 43mm 

[thing which you purchase separately] ● Single Two 3 type batteries ● Motor 

Spin Axe ( Super I Chassis )