[The metal style sticker and color chassis are more crowded] A premium version that uses the Super II chassis of Raysinger's "Hijikata Rei" machine that appears in the mini 4WD manga "Bakuso Brothers Lets & Go !!" Distinctive style such as sharp front cowl called stinger cowl, body side duct, jet aeroduct of rear cowl, etc. which were stretched sharply sharply, and the sticker that tightens the body of the silver is a metal tone close to the original cartoon image of was the only type .. 

[Super II chassis] chassis to enhance the rigidity, including the chassis of the super ⅱ. dark blue with increased scalability, battery holder and rear stay of silver is made of ABS resin. turn switch, 2 Fixed point type Stay filled with attention equipment such as EX side stay of light gun metal color with high expandability.In addition, bumper and rear stay prepare multiple part mounting holes for wide setting.White five-spoke wheel, 26 mm diameter Set the low-height tire of 3.5.1 super-speed gear, with motor 

[Basic specification] ● Length: 150mm at completion ● Whole width 97mm ● Motor included ● Adhesive-free, self-assembling type 

【 Required separately】 ● Single 2 type 3 batteries 

Ray Stinger Premium ( Super II Chassis )