【Black body that makes it feel sharp and sharp running】 A plastic model assembly kit for a four-wheel drive racer that is fun for high-performance running and racing.Phantom blade Black Special is a mini 4WD manga “Let's & Go !! MAX Special color version of the main character, a twin ninja brother who appears as a rival of a character Akiraki, a Kusanagi machine, and a phantom blade. A body characterized by a low flat form pursuing low vehicle height and a vertical fin at the top of the cockpit The chassis is black, the A part and the rear roller stay are dark blue, and the sticker for marking is a metallic type for exclusive use of the black special, and the design has placed a large number of English letters of the Phantom Blade. I feel the run 

【Super XX chassis-The chassis uses a high strength semi-monocoque structure and uses Super XX, which further enhances the rigidity of Super X. It enhances the strength of battery holders and side stays, and is equipped with a nose guard that can be attached to a wide roller position. It also features a wide tread with a 72 mm shaft and a long wheel base of 84 mm.Furthermore, the motor can be attached and detached from the bottom of the chassis, enabling quick setting changes. Equipped with a dark blue tire with a diameter of 24 mm, equipped with two 14 mm rubber ring rollers with dark silver, 3.5: 1 super-speed gear and motor included 

[Basic specifications] ● Length: 153 mm when completed ● Width 98 mm ● Motor With ● ● assembly is adhesive-free built-in 

[ purchase separately も の た だ ● 2 AA batteries

Phantom Blade Black Special ( Super XX Chassis )