【That excitement and rush again! Storm horse racing new machine】 It is a plastic model assembly kit of a four-wheel drive racer with a high performance running and a fun.The double shaft motor with the shaft at both ends of the motor mounted on the center of the car The MS chassis is composed of 3 parts: nose, center and tail, with easy one-touch detachment OK, fast and wide setting change can be enjoyed.In addition, the nose unit adopted N-02 Rodeo Sonic is a star horse racing machine of "Bakusan brothers Let's & Go!" The sharp-shaped body is made of high-strength ABS resin, coloring plus red and green graphics based on white, coloring with fluorescent yellow The wheel is brilliant.The rear wing is fitted with a large type which combines a plane 

【MS Chassis】 A three-part "MS Chassis" that realizes excellent rigidity is a "MidShip (MS) layout" in which heavy parts such as a double shaft motor and a battery with extended shafts at both ends of the motor are arranged in the center of the chassis and a mini 4WD tradition 4WD (4 wheel drive) mechanism, it shows excellent stability even at high speed.The chassis consists of 3 parts of nose, center and tail.It is easy to install and dismount with one touch.You can enjoy a wide range of setting change quickly. ※ There are two types of nose unit 

【Basic Specification】 ● Length 152mm ● Width 92mm ● With Double Shaft Motor 

【Separately Required Items】 ● 2 AA batteries 

Rodeo Sonic ( MS Chassis )