【It is a part useful for improving machine performance and setting】 It is a large diameter low height tire using materials with low frictional resistance. It is hard to splash with the same hardness as the super hard tire, and it is advantageous for cornering due to low grip. If mounted only on the front wheels, it improves the turning performance of the machine at the time of cornering and if used only for the rear wheels, decelerates at jumping and improves running stability. Various settings are possible, such as being able to reduce the running resistance due to the inner ring difference if you install it on either side of the left or right side. Maroon color is a landmark. It can be used for Mini 4WD PRO, Mini 4WD each car equipped with large diameter low height tires. 【Basic Specs】 Set of 2 large diameter low height tires using low friction material 【Available Machine】 Mini 4WD PRO, Mini 4WD, each of large diameter low height tires 

Low Friction large diameter Low Height Tire (2 Maroon)


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