This is a high performance, shaft driven, Mini 4WD plastic assembly model kit. The body has been thoroughly lightened, maintaining a low center of gravity. Motor cooling has also increased, thanks to the redesigned air intakes. The compact rear wing incorporates high-speed specifications to minimize wind resistance. Equipped onto the smoke colored semi-monocoque Super X chassis are large diameter slick tires which are ready for high-speed racing action and assist in decreasing the resistance when cornering allowing for fast speeds. Furthermore, the 4:1 super speed gears provide the Max Breaker TRF with fast driving action. A wide variety of grade-up parts are available to further customize your machine.


●Length: 156mm ●Width: 92mm ●Height: 44mm ●Snap together assembly


Separately Required Items
●Two R6/AA/UM3 alkaline batteries ●Motor

Max Breaker TRF