【Black body and high rigidity Super XX chassis are attractive】 A plastic model assembly kit of high performance racer that adopted shaft drive 4WD. Max Breaker Black Special is one of the main characters of manga “Let's & Go MAX” Special specification of your favorite car Max Breaker. Body made of translucent smoked ABS resin. Of course, the sticker is a new design. Chassis adopts Super XX.The rigidity of each part such as front roller stay, battery holder, side stay etc. . "is also equipped with further, with two is 14mm rubber ring roller, the roller mounting position also has wide reduction was set the red tire in dark silver wheel .3.5:. 1 of ultra-fast gear, with 130 type motor. 

[ Basic specs] ● Full length 153mm ● Width 98mm ● Height 40mm ● With motor ● Assembly does not require adhesive adhesive 

[Separately purchased ] ● 2 AA batteries 

Max Breaker Black Special ( Super XX Chassis )