"Machina", known as "Machiners" (?????? Mashinn?zu) in Japan and Korea (and some video games) and "Machine" in the English manga, is an archetype of EARTH Machine monsters which debuted in the OCG Premium Pack 9. They are featured in the Structure Deck Machina Mayhem. They are used by Kirk Dixon in the Yu-Gi-Oh! R manga, Aero and Blister in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime and Bolt Tanner in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's manga. Jerome McHale explained in a post on Pojo that the reason this archetype name was localized to "Machina" from "Machiners" was that the former name "clearly demonstrates that these are Machine monsters, not other types of monsters that do work on machines." The archetype involves either getting the three "Machina" monsters onto your field and using the effect of "Commander Covington" to Special Summon "Machina Force" or the quick Summoning of "Machina Fortress". Main Deck 2 Machina Force 2 Machina Citadel 2 Machina Metalcruncher 2 Machina Megaform 2 Machina Irradiator 2 Machina Air Raider 2 Machina Cannon 2 Machina Fortress 2 Machina Sniper 2 Machina Gearframe 2 Machina Soldier 2 Machina Possesstorage 2 Machina Resavenger 2 Machina Defender 2 Commander Covington 2 Machina Peacekeeper 2 Machina Redeployment 2 Machina Defense Perimeter 2 Machina Armored Unit 2 Machina Overdrive

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