"Junk" (???? Janku) is an archetype of Machine and Warrior monsters primarily used by Yusei Fudo and Bashford in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. The Synchro Monsters of this archetype all require "Junk Synchron" as a Synchro Material, except for "Junk Speeder", which requires any "Synchron" monster; however, "Junk Anchor" can substitute itself for any one "Synchron", including "Junk Synchron". The Synchro Monsters are also of ascending Level: with "Junk Warrior" and "Junk Speeder" at 5, "Junk Gardna" at 6, "Junk Archer" and "Junk Berserker" at 7, and "Junk Destroyer" at 8. This showcases the archetype's adaptability in that it can use either a Level 2, 3, 4 or 5 monster along with "Junk Synchron" or "Junk Anchor" as its Synchro Materials. This makes "Level Warrior" and a few field control cards welcome additions to a "Junk" Deck. Currently, the non-Synchro "Junk" monsters are "Junk Blader", "Junk Breaker", "Junk Collector", "Junk Defender", "Junk Forward", "Junk Servant", and "Junk Giant". The latter four each have effects that let you Special Summon them, making it easier to Synchro Summon.Main Deck 1 Junk Giant 1 Quickdraw Synchron 1 Junk Breaker 1 Junk Blader 1 Hyper Synchron 1 Road Synchron 1 Bri Synchron 1 Junk Servant 1 Junk Changer 1 Junk Synchron 1 Junk Forward 1 Drill Synchron 1 Steam Synchron 1 Junk Defender 1 Satellite Synchron 1 Necro Linker 1 Junk Converter 1 Fleur Synchron 1 Rush Warrior 1 Nitro Synchron 1 Synchron Carrier 1 Synchron Explorer 1 Junk Anchor 1 Turbo Synchron 1 Righty Driver 1 Unknown Synchron 1 Swift Scarecrow 1 Changer Synchron 1 Mono Synchron 1 One for One 1 Necroid Synchro 1 Reinforcement of the Army 1 Foolish Burial 1 Stardust Shimmer 2 Tuning 1 Scrap Fist 1 Synchro Chase 1 Machine Assembly Line 1 Junk Barrage 1 Starlight Junktion 1 Scrap-Iron Statue 1 Starlight Road 1 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow Extra Deck 1 Satellite Warrior 1 Road Warrior 1 Chevalier de Fleur 1 Junk Destroyer 1 Nitro Warrior 1 Junk Berserker 1 Junk Archer 1 Turbo Warrior 1 Drill Warrior 1 Stardust Assault Warrior 1 Junk Gardna 1 Junk Warrior 1 Junk Speeder 1 Catapult Warrior 1 Junk Connector Side Deck 1 Stardust Sifr Divine Dragon 1 Majestic Star Dragon 1 Shooting Star Dragon 1 Stardust Chronicle Spark Dragon 1 Stardust Dragon 1 Stardust Spark Dragon 1 Stardust Charge Warrior 1 Jet Warrior 1 Accel Synchron 1 Formula Synchron

Junk Star Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck

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