[Premium specification of AR chassis adoption which increased the run] It is a plastic model assembly kit of high performance racer that adopted shaft drive four wheel drive.Hurricane Sonic Premium is a main character of mini 4 wheel drive manga "Blow Run Brothers Lets & Go !! , A third machine from Star Maru, a premium version of Hurricane Sonic, with a body that features a large rear wing with a wing attached to connect the left and right front cowls, and a small flap with three steps. White-collared red and green graphics with metal-plated stickers for firming, chassis with strong monocoque AR, main body made of metallic gray ABS resin, under panels, diffusers and rollers with low friction Made of resin, yellow 5 spoke spoke The eel, we set the low-height tire with a diameter of 26mm. 

[AR chassis] aerodynamic pursuit, of course, maintainability and rigidity, scalability AR chassis that combines the necessary elements for the four wheel drive mini race like. Equipped with air intakes for batteries and motors to efficiently cool the inside of the chassis by traveling wind and prevent power-down due to heat, and equipped with plastic bearings made of low-friction resin to reduce drive loss The under panel and the diffuser can be removed with one touch, the battery and motor can be replaced without removing the body, and the rear skid bar is standard equipment such as the slope section etc. When passing a hill course, a low-friction resin skid bar contacts the road surface to control the machine's posture. To prevent off the track .3.5:. With 1 of ultra-fast gear 

Basic Specifications ● Length: 155mm ● full width 97mm ● Height 40mm ● with motor ● assembly at the time of completion of the adhesive-free telescoping

[What to buy separately] ● 2 AA batteries 

Hurricane Sonic Premium ( AR chassis )