[Evolved Magnum runs the course !!] A high performance racer plastic model assembly kit with shaft drive four wheel drive. Great Magnum R (Revolver) is a junior high school student of the main character of "Mr. It features a form that makes it feel powerful running, such as a low-width body with a raised edge and a large rear wing that regulates the flow of wind. In addition, attention is focused on designs in which the image of handguns has become stronger than in previous machines. Body is made of white ABS resin. The graphic of the flame which appeals the passion with red and blue, the marking, the headlight, etc. were prepared with the metallic style sticker. The nose bonnet panel can be removed to provide a boot space. A weight balance setting can be enjoyed by storing a mass damper weight with a diameter of 11.5 mm. 

[Adopt FM-A chassis of front motor layout] Chassis adopted FM-A of front motor layout which adopted aero design. Since the center of gravity is located on the front of the vehicle body, it is possible to run with a sense of stability even on a course with many ups and downs. As well as being equipped with a skid bar made of low friction resin at the lower front as standard, the four rollers are also made of low friction resin. In particular, the rear roller is 8 mm thick with enhanced stability. Furthermore, the motor can be easily replaced from the bottom of the chassis, and the setting can be changed quickly. Various parts can be attached to the aero side stay made with the cross-sectional shape of the wing of the airplane as a hint. The chassis body is made of ABS resin, and the A parts such as the under panel and the skid bar are made of black low friction resin. Small-bore low-height tires were attached to the A-spoke wheel where fluorescent green is bright. 3.5: 1 super-speed gear with motor. 

[Basic specs] ● Length: 156mm, Width: 97mm, Height: 42mm ● Motor included ● No glue required for assembly   


Great Magnum R Revolver ( FM-A Chassis )