[Star Mao's latest machine that enjoys two styles] A plastic model assembly kit for a four-wheel drive racer with high-performance running and fun racing.The Great Blast Sonic is serialized in Shogakukan "Colo Koro Aniki" One of the main characters appearing in Hiro teacher's mini 4WD manga "Bakusatsu Brothers Lets & Go !! Design with good effect, sense of speed is also enough.If you cut some nose parts and remove rear wing parts, it will be finished in style similar to the original Great Blast Sonic 

[AR chassis] Pursuit of aerodynamics Of course, the AR chassis is what maintains the elements necessary for the Mini 4WD racer, such as maintainability, rigidity, and expandability. Smoothly transfer the traveling air taken from each part of the body to cool the battery and motor inside the chassis and prevent power down due to heat, link the air intake of the body and chassis, and create a high cooling effect. The point is that it is equipped with a plastic resin bearing made of friction resin to reduce the driving loss and to achieve weight reduction.The under panel and the diffuser can be easily removed without removing the body, and the rear skid bar Standard equipment, a low-friction resin skid bar makes contact with the road surface when passing a slope course such as the slope section, and controls the machine's attitude to prevent the car from going out. the mounting .3.5:. with 1 of ultra-fast gear 

basic Specifications ● at the time of completion With length 155mm ● full width 97mm ● Height 44mm ● Motor ● assembly is telescopic unnecessary adhesive 

[which you purchase separately]-Two AA batteries 

[I can enjoy the style close to the original] Cut the nose parts (D3) as illustrated and remove the rear wing parts, you can finish the style close to the original Great Blast Sonic . 

Great Blast Sonic ( AR Chassis )