【Featured Machine that Unique Style Shines Significantly】 This is a plastic model assembly kit of a 4 wheel drive racer with a high performance running and a fun race.The Proto Saber Evolution Premium is a mini 4WD manga "Bakuwake Brothers Let's & Go!" This is the second machine of "J" that appeared, premium specification of proto saber evolution.The machine which was released as the second mini 4D display model of the display model was made into a running-capable model by adopting the AR chassis A large feature: Sharp nose and raised front fender, the cockpit front molding shape directly connected to the wing tip plate of the rear wing is made of ABS plastic of purple.The metallic style sticker tightens the form.In addition, Do not process the body MA, VS, Super Ⅱ Yashi is also points can be installed in. 

[AR chassis] pursuit of aerodynamic, of course, maintainability and rigidity, what combines the necessary elements for the four wheel drive mini race such as the scalability of the AR chassis. Proto Saber Evolution Premium The chassis body is made of ABS resin made of metallic gray, A parts such as front and rear rollers and diffusers, rear skid bars are made of purple low friction resin.In addition, the under panel and diffuser can be easily removed without detaching the body.In addition, , A slope section such as a slope section, a rear skid bar that comes in contact with the track surface and controls the attitude of the machine and prevents the course out, as standard equipment.The silver color wheel is equipped with a Y spoke Design and tire chose low height. 3 .5: 1 with super fast gear 

【Basic Specification】 ● Overall length of 155 mm at completion ● Width of 97 mm ● Overall height 41 mm ● With Motor ● Assembly is an inlay

【Separately Requested Items】 ● 2 AA batteries 

Proto Saber Evolution Premium (AR chassis)