【Premium specification claiming speed with large diameter tire and AR chassis】 This is a plastic model assembly kit of high performance racer adopting shaft drive four wheel drive.Beat Magnum Premium is a mini 4WD manga "Bakuwake Brothers Let's & Go !!" One of the protagonists of Star Horse Rim, the fourth machine of Star Horse Rider, the premium version of Beat Magnum.The front and rear fenders which became smaller for attaching large tires, the coil spring and damper for the dragon suspension mounted on the cockpit side High-performance running appeal.The large rear wing with flap is like flat type with low air resistance.The body color is white.The exclusive metal sticker tightens the form The body of the AR chassis is metallic Gray ABS resin, under panel and diffuser Blue made of low-friction resin. The 5-spoke large wheels of fluorescent green, was fitted with a slick tire. 

[AR chassis] pursuit of aerodynamic, of course, maintainability Ya Rigidity, expandability, etc. The AR chassis is an excellent tool for mini 4WD racing, equipped with an air intake for batteries and motors, efficiently cooling the interior of the chassis by running wind, Also, it is also a point that it is equipped with low friction resin pla bearings to reduce driving loss and realize weight saving.The under panel and diffuser can be removed with one touch and remove the body It is possible to replace the battery and the motor.In addition, the rear skid bar is equipped as standard. Slope section such as slope road When you pass through the over vinegar, skid bar made of low-friction resin is in contact with the track surface to control the attitude of the machine, to prevent the off the track .4.2:. With 1 of the speed gear 

Basic Specifications● Total length of 155 mm at completion ● Overall width 97 mm ● Overall height 47 mm ● With motor ● In assembly without adhesive required 

[Separately required items] ● AA batteries 2 

Beat Magnum Premium (AR Chassis)