【Evolutionary Victory Magnum which further enhanced the driving level】 It is a plastic model assembly kit of high performance racer adopting shaft drive four wheel drive.Victory Magnum Premium is a mini 4WD manga "Brawler Brothers Let's & Go !!" The main character of Star Horse Race, the second generation machine of Star Horse raft, Victory Magnum was finished with the original comic image.The wide wide cowl body is removable by half of the front cowl, the top speed emphasis type fitted with the flat rear wing. metallic sticker is also the point. in addition to the wheel reinforced with glass fiber blended nylon resin has combined the tire of Lacey tread pattern entering. 

[carbon Super II chassis] of black color chassis high rigidity and scalability carbon Carbon Super II made of fiber blended nylon resin.Blue color battery holder and rear stay are made of ABS resin.There are also features such as turn type switch, 2 point fixed type rear stay, screw fastening type rear gear cover etc. Also equipped with bumpers and The rear stay has multiple part mounting holes to accommodate a wide range of settings, 13 mm resin roller and 3.5: 1 super gear set 

【Basic Specification】 ● Overall length 150 mm at completion ● Width 97 mm ● With motor 

【Separately required Things to do】 ● 2 AA batteries 

Victory Magnum Premium ( Carbon Super II Chassis )