【Magnum Saber of Haruka Australia with Evolution】 It is a plastic model assembly kit of a 4-wheel drive racer with a high performance running and a fun.The hero of Mini 4WD manga "Bakusan Brothers Let's & Go !!", Hoshima Australia Machine, Magnum Saber finished with original design comic image.The body is pure white, the sticker adopts a design tailored to the comic.The chassis is rigid and expandable Super II.The spoke wheel of fluorescent green , the low-height tire is mounted, 13mm resin roller was also equipped with front and rear gear ratio is 3.5:... first set the ultra-fast type assembly is self-contained that does not use an adhesive, you can enjoy the performance up in the rich parts 

[ Super II chassis] chassis to enhance the rigidity, super II with increased scalability. black chassis Rica made from ABS resin, Red battery holder and rear stay are made of ABS plastic, full of noteworthy equipment such as turn type switch, 2 point fixed type rear stay, screw type rear gear cover etc. Also, bumper and rear stay are prepared with parts mounting holes Te corresponds to a wide range of settings. 

basic Specifications ● Length: 150mm ● full width 97mm ● with motor at the time of completion 

[what you purchase separately] ● 2 AA batteries 

Magnum Saber Premium ( Super II Chassis )