【Aerodynamic body covering front and rear tires and high performance running are attractive】 This is a plastic model assembly kit of high performance racer adopting shaft drive 4 wheel drive.Brocken Giganto Black special body is smoked color, silver and red A color ring with a gold line in the back of the cockpit main is more appealing to the strength.The smoke body inside can enhance the mechanical mood.The chassis is the super motor of the front motor super FM.A fast corner and the landing after the jump etc. It is also possible to run with high stability and also enjoy the performance upgrade with a variety of optional soldered upgraded parts.Individual assembly is an inlay type that does not use glue 

【Basic Specification】 ● Total length of 144 mm at completion ● 90 mm overall width ● Height 38mm 

[what you purchase separately ● AA batteries two ● Motor 

Brocken Gigant Black Special ( SFM Chassis )