【Aerodynamic body covering front and rear tires and high performance running are attractive】 This is a plastic model assembly kit of high performance racer adopting shaft drive four wheel drive.The chassis adopts super 1 and with rubber ring for running course Equipped with guide rollers and removable side guard.You can select two gear ratios and adjust power and speed.The body of Tri-Dagger X features the X form narrowing down the center part of the body like a name. It is easy to assemble with a fitting type without adhesive, easy to set up with motorized without wiring.We are also looking forward to being able to upgrade the performance with a variety of upgraded optional upgrade parts. 

【Basic Specification】 ● Total length of 132mm at completion ● Overall width 90mm ● Overall height 39mm 

【Separately required items】 ● 2 AA batteries ● Motor 

Tri Dagger X ( Super I Chassis )