[Aerodynamic body and high-performance running to cover the front and rear tires are attractive] A plastic model assembly kit of high-performance racer that adopted shaft drive four-wheel drive.Fire stinger is a sharp front cowl that cuts wind and so on Forward air intake claims the speed, and the raised armor on the top and bottom of the cowl conveys strength, the vertical fins on the top of the cockpit improve straightness, and the chassis has excellent aerodynamic performance. Super TZ was also the rear roller stay was standard equipment. also looking forward to improve the running performance in the grade-up parts. assembly is self-contained that does not use an adhesive, and easily assembled in the motor rise of no wiring. 

basic Specifications ] ● Complete length 146mm at the time of completion ● Overall width 90mm ● Overall height 44mm 

[You purchase separately Things] ● 2 AA batteries ● Motor 

Fire Stinger ( Super TZ Chassis )