[Premium specification that combines the style that emphasizes the sense of speed combined with the AR chassis] This is a plastic model assembly kit for high performance racers that adopted shaft drive four-wheel drive. A premium version of Diospada, a machine used by the leader of the Italian national team "Rosso Strada" in WGP, the premium version of Diospada. The front cowl with a smooth curve connecting the left and right fenders. The rear wing is arched and emphasizes the run together with the rear slit with three slits.The body color is red, which is the national color of Italy.The metal-like sticker tightens the form.The chassis is strong. AR of high monocoque structure. The body is in the 5-spoke wheels of metallic gray made of ABS resin. Under panel and diffuser is made of gray of the low-friction resin. White, was fitted with a low-height tire of black. 

[AR chassis] aerodynamic pursuit, of course, maintenance The AR chassis has the elements required for the Mini 4WD race, such as rigidity, rigidity, and expandability, and is equipped with air intakes for batteries and motors to efficiently cool the inside of the chassis by traveling wind and heat In addition, it is equipped with plastic bearings made of low-friction resin to reduce drive loss and achieve weight reduction.The under panel and diffuser can be removed with one touch, and the body can The battery and motor can be replaced without removing it, and a rear skid bar is standard equipment. When passing through the slope course, such as Deployment, skid bar made of low-friction resin is in contact with the track surface to control the attitude of the machine, to prevent the off the track .3.5:. With 1 of ultra-fast gear 

Basic Specifications● Length: 155mm ● full width 97mm ● Height 41mm ● with motor ● assembly at the time of completion-type fitting of unnecessary adhesive 

[what you purchase separately] ● 2 AA batteries 

Deospada Premium (AR chassis)