"Dark Magician", known as "Black Magician" (?????????? Burakku Majishan) in Japanese, is an archetype that has been a part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise since its beginning, with "Dark Magician" appearing as Yugi Muto's ace card. During the Battle City arc and subsequent arcs, more cards were introduced, such as "Dark Magician Girl". Originally a series, the release of "The Eye of Timaeus" cemented its status as an archetype. The archetype also contains a sub-archetype, "Dark Magician Girl". "Dark Magician of Chaos" and "Skilled Dark Magician" are not "Dark Magician" cards because they do not have ???????????? in their Japanese names. Main Deck 3 Dark Magician 1 Palladium Oracle Mahad 1 Magician of Dark Illusion 1 Mana Dragon Zirnitron 2 Apprentice Illusion Magician 1 Dark Magician Girl 1 Palladium Oracle Mana 2 Magician's Rod 1 Magician's Robe 2 Magicians' Souls 2 The Eye of Timaeus 1 Dark Magic Attack 1 Dark Burning Attack 1 Bond Between Teacher and Student 1 Dark Magic Twin Burst 2 Dark Magic Veil 1 Dark Magic Expanded 1 Chaos Scepter Blast 2 Soul Servant 1 Dark Magic Inheritance 1 Secrets of Dark Magic 1 Illusion Magic 1 Dark Burning Magic 2 Dark Magical Circle 1 Strength in Unity 1 Magician Navigation 1 Dark Renewal 1 Destined Rivals 2 Eternal Soul 1 Magicians' Combination Extra Deck 1 Dark Magician the Dragon Knight 1 Amulet Dragon 1 Dark Paladin 1 The Dark Magicians 1 Dark Cavalry 1 Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight 1 Number 11: Big Eye 1 Ebon Illusion Magician 1 Ebon High Magician

Dark Magician Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck