[Aerodynamic body and high performance run are attractive to cover the front and rear tires] It is a plastic model assembly kit of high performance racer which adopted shaft drive four wheel drive.Brocken Gigant is the style of half cowl which does not cover the tire completely. The pipe frame shaped side guards show the strength, and the front cowl with integrated side guards can be removed and parts can be attached.The chassis is equipped with a motor at the front, super running FM FM Optional grade-up parts can also be used to further refine the driving performance.Assembling is adhesive-free, snap-in type, motorization without wiring is easy. 

[Basic specs] ● Length: 144mm when completed ● full width 90mm ● Height 38mm 

[what you purchase separately] AA batteries two ● Motor 

Brocken Gigant ( SFM Chassis )