【Highest stability due to low center of gravity and chassis full of race equipment are attractive】 A plastic model assembly kit of high performance racer that adopted shaft drive 4WD. The chassis uses a lightweight, compact VS, opens the air duct to enhance motor cooling, sets a 14 mm guide roller with rubber ring and a removable rear stay, and the front cover and battery holder can be opened and closed by a hinge. combination of the tire, 3.5:.. 1 of the elongation and dash force of the maximum speed achieved by a gear ratio assembly is self-contained that does not use an adhesive, the performance up in the rich parts is also possible 

basic Specifications total length of the ● time of completion 145mm ● full width 90mm ● Height 35mm 

[Apart ] What I am seeking ● AA batteries two ● Motor 

Blitzer Sonic Black Special ( VS Chassis )