【Premium specification of Black Saber with improved driving performance】 This is a plastic model assembly kit for a high-performance running and fun four-wheel drive racer.Black Saber Premium is a mini-shikakeri manga "Blow Run Brothers Lets & Go !!" A premium version of Black Saber, a machine from which Kurosawa appears. It has a variable full rear wing in the flowing full cowl form that covers the front and rear tires. The powerful black body is mounted on the Super II chassis to further enhance the driving performance. In addition, bright red graphics and headlights, etc. that shine on black were expressed with metallic tone stickers. 

[Super II chassis] The chassis is also used for racing and adopts the popular Super II. The body is made of black ABS resin. In addition, A parts such as 13mm plastic roller are made of light smoked ABS resin. In addition, the equipment for running such as turn type switch and 2 point fixed type rear stay is also enhanced. Bumper and rear stay are available in multiple mounting holes for wide range of setting. The gear ratio is set to 3.5: 1. The black Y-spoke wheels were fitted with red hard small-diameter low-height tires to tighten their feet. 

【Basic specifications】 ● Length: 138mm, Width: 97mm, Height: 49mm ● Motor included ● No glue required for assembly 

【Separately purchased 】 ● 2 AA batteries 

Black Saber Premium ( Super II Chassis )