[New launch! New starboarder's new machine] A plastic model assembly kit for a four-wheel drive racer that enjoys high-performance running and racing.A double shaft motor with extended shafts at both ends of the motor mounted at the center of the vehicle body for high drive The chassis has three parts: nose, center and tail, one-touch OK / detachment OK, speedy and wide range of setting changes can be enjoyed, and stable with a low center-of-gravity design with batteries set across the motor The Bison Magnum is a star-training machine with the “Blow Run Brothers Let's & Go !!”, a curved form that holds the flow of the Magnum Saber, a shape like the structural material of the front of the cockpit, and a boomerang rear wing of it features. nose unit has adopted the N-02. 

[MS Shah ] Excellent 3 split "MS chassis" to achieve the stiffness was placed heavy parts, such as double-shaft motor and batteries that extend the motor both ends of the shaft in the middle of the chassis and "The midship (MS) layout" of the four wheel drive mini traditional 4WD The (four-wheel drive) mechanism provides excellent stability even at high speeds.The chassis is made up of three parts, a nose, center and tail, and can be easily removed by one touch. There are two types of nose units: 

[Basic specifications] ● Total length 152 mm ● Total width 92 mm ● With a double shaft motor 

[What to buy separately] ● Two AA batteries 

Bison Magnum ( MS Chassis )