[More presence with coloring and running that further enhanced the elegance] This is a plastic model assembly kit for high performance racers that adopted shaft drive four wheel drive. Appeared in the mini four wheel drive anime "Blow Run Brothers Let's & Go !! WGP" The premium version of Berg Kaiser, the machine used by German team leader Michael, the body is gunmetal, the sparkling gold lines and arabesque graphics are prepared with metal stickers, and the chassis is rigid and expandable the high super ⅱ. 5-spoke wheels of yellow, was equipped with a low-height tire. in fearless color ring and running, is also excellent presence in the four wheel drive mini race. 

[Super II chassis] strengthen chassis rigidity Super expandable II, made of silver-colored ABS resin, Parts A such as switch type, 2 point fixed type rear stay, gear cover and 13mm plastic roller are made of ABS metal with gun metal collar, EX side stay and stabilizer head are made of ABS resin with gold color.Bumper and rear stay have multiple parts mounting holes 13mm resin roller and 3.5: 1 super-speed gear set 

[Basic specifications] ● Length: 150mm at completion ● Width: 97mm ● Motor included ● Adhesive-free, built-in type 

【 Required separately What you get】 ● 2 AA batteries 


Berg Kaiser Premium ( Super II Chassis )