[Metallic sticker and red chassis are amazing] Premium specification that uses the Super II chassis of a beak spider loved by "Kai Okita", one of the rivals appearing in the mini 4WD manga "Bakusou Brothers Let's & Go !!" The front fender full of volume, the sharp front bumper that wraps around the back of the front wheel, and the unique style body with a three-stage rear wing are black color. was.

[super ⅱ chassis] chassis to enhance the rigidity, super ⅱ. chassis body with increased scalability and red color, a parts and one lock gear cover such as a battery holder and rear stay is composed of a black parts.-turn Switch, 2-point fixed rear steering In addition, the bumper and rear stay are equipped with multiple parts mounting holes for a wide range of settings. A black three-spoke wheel is fitted with a 24mm small-diameter white tire. 3.5: 1 super-speed gear , With motor.

[Basic specifications] ● Overall length 150mm when completed ● Whole width 97mm ● With motor ● Embedded type

that requires no adhesive [Separately required] ● 2 AA batteries

Beak Spider Premium ( Super II Chassis )