[Aeroform swimming air] A plastic model assembly kit for high-performance running and fun racing cars with four-wheel drive racers. Features a form that is composed of curved surfaces, including the shape of the body rear both sides reminiscent of large fins, and a small wing at the front, a large air intake on both sides of the body, and an air outlet at the rear of the body The opening not only makes the air flow smoothly, but it also applies the traveling wind to the motor and battery to cool the mechanism sufficiently, and incorporates the aerodynamic trend of a real racing car and a super GT machine, and it is curved called a swan neck Also featured is the rear wing stay, a marking for tightening the curved body Kka color tone with a metallic material. Shine finish the machine to more fearless. 

[Manta Ray of genealogy] basic performance of the height electric RC · 4WD racing buggy was popular with RC fans, the Manta Ray was born on the base Racer Mini 4WD Manta Ray Jr., and its evolved type Mini 4WD PRO Manta Ray Mk II, all machines feature body-side fins designed with the image of an Oniite maquiy (Manta Ray) swimming in the open sea Furthermore, the Aero Manta Ray has evolved into a more aerodynamic machine with swan neck type rear wing stays, front side wings, large intakes, etc. 

[Low body with large diameter tires]The curved body has a low overall resistance and low air resistance, and the large-diameter narrow barrel tire is attached to the large-diameter narrow light weight wheel (gold) with a sharp five-spoke design. . barrel tire of the ground area of the road surface is narrow "barrel-shaped", yet it is quite useful in large the diameter of realizing a top speed of growth. High-speed circuit with a long straight.

basic Specifications total length of the ● time of completion 155mm ● Whole width 97mm ● With motor ● Assembly does not require adhesive. 

[Separately purchased ] ● Two AA batteries 

Aero Manta Rei ( AR chassis )