Who are we?

Mini four-wheel drive (4WD) is a racing sport for all different ages, it’s popular the most at Japan as it’s a sport of mental learning skills and engineering. This sport is all about understanding the basic engineering and tuning rules to tune and create your own car and your ultimate goal is winning all your races and collect points to reach the ultimate championship.

We at Mini 4WD Egypt believe in our youth! We believe that we can do more to the community by introducing such a sport that drives thinking passion and challenges our youth creativity!

“We believe that we are racing for a better future”

The sport is all about building your own scale car that would fit in any racing challenge or curves scenario, here are some details about the cars

First – What is a car?

A Mini 4WD car is a 1/32 scale of any normal size car, yet it’s not a remote control car it’s a 4-wheel drive with side wheels that navigate the cars in the racing track!

Any car consists of the same main components - which are

  1. Car chassis (the part where you add all the wheels, motor, gear and motion gears)

  2. Car body (it is the up cover for the car and its aerodynamic design)

  3. Gear box (it is basically what makes the cars super-fast at straight lines or curves)

  4. Wheels (we use low weight plastic or aluminum wheels with rubber tires)

  5. Rollers (It is the side circle shaped objects that drive cars in the corners and tide spots to navigate around)

  6. Motors (using 130 size motors with standard RPM 8,000 up to 3,000 RPM)

  7. Batteries (we use AA Alkaline batteries for best performance)


Second –  How to tune?

Tuning is more of thinking algorithm or methodology rather than steps to follow, we always create a monthly tuning events in the racing events and we sell all the original tuning parts, below we are listing some of the perspective we think of while tuning a car

  1. Car power, basically it runs on motor, Right? So a motor is one of the main thing you should be upgrading in your car, Motors are usually measured by RPM, Batteries consumption and motor weight. 

  2. Gear box, like any normal car you have different gears which gives different torque and speed this is why you always have to be fully aware which gear are you going to use for which track and which car as some of gears steps are good for high speed lanes and other for curves and climbing

  3. Wheels and tires, you have different sets of materials for both, you can use plastic or aluminum for wheel sets, you can choose narrow or wide, you can choose large or small, same goes for tires, you can use seamless or shaped, you can use silicon tires or supper hard tires!

  4. Batteries, what matter more than anything else is which batteries are you using? Are you using high voltage so you perform better in the straight road but not for so long? Or is it the longer mAh that will make you last longer but slower?

But it doesn’t end at tuning parts, its about creating the perfect combination and the journey to reach that!

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